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Yucca Spanish Bayonet


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Yucca Spanish Bayonet or Soapweed Yucca is a member of the agave family and is a stout Native evergreen shrub that grows to 3 feet tall with a deep tap root, and woody stems in a 3-4 foot wide clump of pale-green, dagger-like leaves. The leaves persist for several years and are positioned at a steep angle which allows year-round photosynthesis and growth. A long woody stalk ends with bell shaped, greenish-white or purple, pendulous flowers which produce oblong, cream-colored seed capsules. It is one of the most widespread of all the yuccas, prominent in a range extending throughout most of the Great Plains, West to Pike's Peak. Yucca Spanish Bayonet is the State plant of New Mexico and is called ""Lamparas de Dios" which means "Lamps of the Lord"". It is utilized by a variety of mammals, primarily during drought years when more desirable forage is not available. Livestock and big game browse the fleshy parts, flowers and seedlings when accessible. It provides food, shade, and nesting sites for birds and small mammals. It has been utilized by Native Americans for nearly 10,000 years. Both the fruiting portion and flower stalks are consumed, and various plant parts are used to produce items such as paper, rope, baskets, brushes, soaps , dyes, poison for arrows and sticks for fire. Traditional medicinal uses include pulverized roots mixed with tepid water for stomachaches, on inflammations and to stop bleeding, as well as in steam baths for sprains. Yucca Spanish Bayonet reproduces by seed and rhizomes. The rhizomes form in a re-branching pattern, spreading horizontally. After 4 to 6 years, buds grow above the rhizomes and produce leaves after reaching the soil surface. Connections with the mother plant eventually become dormant and decay. Viable seeds are black; seeds with a white seed coat lack an endosperm and are not viable.

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