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As grass seed suppliers, we like to be available to answer your questions about native grass seeds, wildflower seeds, or any of our planting products. We hope the following will help you with your question. If you do not see the question or the subject you are looking for please contact us at

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Do you have any Instructions for planting a new lawn?

Planting Instructions for new lawns:

1. Cultivate the soil to a depth of 3 to 4 inches.

2. A soft, moist soil with a warm environment is best for seed growing.

3. Rake the soil, break up all clods and remove debris and rocks.

4. Broadcast seed mixture uniformly.

5. Water thoroughly with light spray.

6. Soil must be kept moist until new lawn is well rooted. Don't wash away seeds.


Do you have instructions for restoring an existing lawn?

Restoring an existing lawn:

1. Mow as close as possible.

2. Rake out all dead and dry grass, cuttings and debris.

3. Broadcast seeds uniformly at recommended seed rate.

4. Rake lawn to ensure seeds have reached the soil.

5. Water daily with a light spray and keep soil moist until first mowing.

6. Do not mow lawn until grass reaches 3 inches in height.

7. After it reaches 3 inches you can mow to 2 inches like a new lawn.