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The Best Grass Seed For Yards

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No great yard is complete without a great lawn. A solid patch of grass can regulate the temperature around your home, make your yard look great, and provide you with an excellent spot to play with your kids, enjoy the summer weather, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

But not all grass seed is created equal. It takes the right kind of grass seed for your climate, yard conditions, and lifestyle for a beautiful lawn. In this blog, the team at Western Wonder will outline the best grass for residential yards of all types. No matter what your weather is like in the summer or what kind of activities you perform on your lawn, there’s a grass seed out there for you!

Full Sun

The sun can take a toll on certain types of grasses, leaving them with dreaded bald spots and stunted growth. If you get plenty of sun in your yard and experience some toasty temperatures in summer, consider these grass seed varieties:


Buffalograss is known as the native grass that stretches from Montana to Mexico—a favorite food source of bison and pronghorn on the Great Plains of the US. This large ecosystem in the American landscape can be hot, sunny, and extremely dry—and buffalograss thrives in these conditions. If you live in a sunny, dry area, buffalograss an excellent, low-maintenance choice for your yard. Dense turfing abilities and slow growth means less watering, less mowing, and plenty of protection from the scorching sun.


A popular choice for residential and commercial purposes, bermudagrass originates from India and Africa, making its way to the Americas via colonization—and it’s been an incredibly popular grass seed choice ever since. Bermudagrass is affordable, grows in many varieties of soil, and can handle extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Water it weekly, and it’ll be a great choice for your hot and sunny yard.

Partial Sun

Some grasses need a little sun and shade to be successful—so if you have some trees that block the sun for part of the day, consider these grass seeds:


Bluegrass is one of the most popular and most versatile grass seeds on the market today—and it looks beautiful to boot. While it can handle scorching heat and unblocked sunlight, it’s also just fine with a little bit of morning and evening shade. With excellent turf structure and stunning blue-green hue in the right light, bluegrass is a go-to choice for homeowners. However, be prepared to mow often, as this grass grows faster than you think.


Grass seeds made for the shade are usually offseason, cold weather grasses. While they don’t have the versatility to survive through the winter and the summer, they’re excellent for overseeding to keep your lawn lush and green during the winter when sun-friendly grasses fall flat. Check out these options for grasses that can handle the coolest and cloudiest of days:


Fescue is a very popular choice for the milder winter climates, staying green and lush throughout the entire winter while handling foot traffic with ease. Unfortunately, it takes an incredible amount of water to keep fescue alive in the summer—and even then, it’s prone to sun-induced bald spots. Overseed this grass seed for winter use, and pair it with a hot weather grass for a seamless grass transition and a lawn that looks great no matter what the weather is like.


For uber-mild coastal climates, ryegrass is an excellent seed choice. In truth, it’s a bit high maintenance—it doesn’t handle drought well and can be torn apart by pests—but with proper lawn care techniques and the help of a rainy climate, your ryegrass will be just fine.

This is another popular grass for overseeding, especially in the south where homeowners experience cloudy, rainy winters. Pair this grass seed with one that can handle the swampy summer heat, and you’ll always have a great lawn.

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